As we know, Fruits and Vegetables contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients which fits the body’s needs but how safe and healthy are these fruits and vegetables! Nowadays we deal with food items (especially fruits and vegetables) which contain highly contaminated pesticides residue on them. Unknowingly we consume these toxins which could be health hazardous. But now we have a solution to this problem, SurpFood is a new Startup which aims at providing their customers with the best Organic fruits and vegetables right to their home. This kind of service is boon for those who are very conscious for their health and one should be. Because only organic food guarantees good health. Hence, we have launched an organic food app by the name SurpFood which has various features like Food Recipe guides, Health tips, an inventory of various organic fruits and veggies, Health and fitness tips and many more which serves its potential customers with guides and inventories full of goodness and wellness. Wellness is the new growing industry as more and more people are focused for their health and SurpFood are helping such people to make their desire to a reality.

Food is the prime necessity of life

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