It is a new era of health-conscious people. The demand for organic foods is not only for fruits or for vegetables but has now extended to food grains, spices, oil, etc. People are now more aware of the benefits of organics.

As the knowledge and awareness about organic food are increasing, myths about the same are increasing more rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to regulate misinformation about food facts.

Is Organic farming a sustainable form of farming?

People believe that organic farming does not involve the use of chemicals or pesticides and is a more sustainable form of farming, which is much better for the environment.

Organic farming cannot be claimed as a more sustainable form than others can. As to feed maximum with organic food, it will require more agricultural land than any other farming as they have significantly lower crop yield. Taking extra land from the forests would cause harm to the environment. Even organic farmers also use pesticides. These pesticides are so harmful that they do not satisfy modern safety tests. Pesticides put toxic in the soil forever. So, the consequences of organic farming can be said as not so sustainable.

Are Organic Foods Healthier?

Organic foods believed to be better for nutrients. Yet, there are beliefs that due to the use of chemicals and pesticides, they are a source of toxins in our body.

It is true that even after washing the food properly, the chemicals might remain on the food that can cause harm to our body when taken. However, the presence of many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the food can limit our exposure to toxins. It has antioxidants that prevent our bodies from harmful chemicals. Another big reason that proves organic foods to be a more healthy option is that they provide us nutrients that prevent and treat many diseases. That is why it is better to choose organic.

Does onlyorganically produced food is Natural?

Today organic food is most in-demand in supermarkets. People think that conventionally produced fruits, vegetables, and other food products are not as natural as they use synthetic fibers and chemicals for processing.

It is not completely true. People have very limited information when it comes to the consumption of different food products. Organic foods are natural, no doubt, but conventionally produced food also comes under the same category. Organic food should be preferred because they are more strictly grown and processed. It also has potential health benefits than any other food choice. Plan your diet by including both organic as well as conventionally produced food. The amount f nutrients might be higher in the organic food but to get the most out of any food is to eat it fresh. Organics tend to tastier because they are sold close to their harvest and are’ farm fresh’.

It is a long debate on whether organic should be the preferred choice or not. However, the one point to which everybody would agree is eating five fruits and vegetables daily, help our body to fight with many diseases. Make sure we wash it properly and consume fresh. How the food is grown and processed has a major impact on our health, so opting for more organic would be more beneficial.

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