By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self-love over self-judgement.—Says Steve Maraboli

Back in days when there were fewer fertilizers and pesticides (because of their availability and costs) farmers used to farm-fresh fruits and vegetables with organic methods. Although there was no term such as organic, yet farmers were pursuing it on a daily basis.

Food, back then was more nutrient, rich, no adulteration, no preservatives, this trend of farming kept people healthy. With fewer preservatives, containing food makes less chemical reactions in the body. With a natural diet, natural healthy state of mind, body and soul improves.

Now, with the growing population, growing demand and less supply. People are becoming the host of different types of health issues. Most concerning of w/c are those new antibiotic drug-resistant microbes. 60% of which are being consumed directly via the food we eat. These growing percentages of microbes in the foods are due to the process of farming that is being followed. Every plate with a nutrient-rich diet on it is 80% adulteration and preservatives and the other 20% are nutrients. People are now getting aware of the issues with their food and are moving forward and adopting the same old method with modern technology- organic food!

Although the term “organic food ” is new, its effects are old and consistent as farming. Here we will be seeing some organic food facts and myths related to it:

  1. Organic food is always fresh, since it does not contain preservatives.
  2. With fewer uses of pesticides and chemicals including fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, organic food is better fighting bacterial infection and is known to prolong the life of cancer patients.
  3. The human brain has a variety of uses of omega 3 fatty acids. All organic fruits, vegetables, milk and meat are 50% riches in it than conventional chemical-rich foods.
  4. Do you know the World health organization (WHO) has announced that GMO (Genetically modified organisms) has increased toxic herbicides as round-up (glyphosate). In addition, this glyphosate is carcinogenic to humans, which means to cause cancer.
  5. Organic food which is rich in nutrients and less high on chemicals helps fight against the risk of certain cancer, such as leukaemia, lymphoma, brain tumours, breast- cancer and prostate cancer.
  6. In order to grow healthy and strong with less vulnerable immunity our body requires antioxidants and that is what organic food is with 50% of ratio containing antioxidant properties.
  7. If you would like to live your future generations and recent offspring’s within a breathable environment, we suggest you choose only organic food, guess why? Because organic farming reduces, pollutants in grand water and creates richer soil and plant growth while reducing corrosion.

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