Our organic


We work with highly passionate organic farmers over the India.By working with our farmers over the long haul, we can offer them a degree of security that they would seldom get from the grocery stores. Together we carefully plan the harvests to fill our containers, and concur a reasonable value path ahead of time. Farmers get a not too bad return; you get the farm fresh, most delicious veg from the fields.

Manoj Sharma Farm, Jaipur

Vegetables & fruit farm

“The best thing about being organic is being in line with nature and having the option to create top quality nourishment in an ecologically agreeable manner. A firm adherent to the standards behind organic cultivation of mushrooms, apples, fresh vegetables & many more, Manoj Sharma accepts his change merited the additional interest in staff, stores, sheds and new apparatus. It’s going great, and I’d like to grow. In any case, I think I’ll need to get some more land!”

OP Pareek organic farm, Dausa

Vegetable & fruits farmer

Rubi Pareek & her husband Om prakash Pareek have been farming in Dausa, a few miles from jaipur, since 2015 on their own land called OP Pareek organic Farm. “organic soil can be seriously harmed if it’s chipped away at or rolled over when wet and Ruby Pareek said she’d invested a great deal of energy this year redressing the soil issues caused a year ago.”

Dharamraj farms, Jaipur

Fruits & Vegetable farmer

Mr. Dharamraj cultivates organically, on the grounds that in his words “organic cultivating originates from the heart” he includes that in his view we have gone too far down the substance street and it’s a great opportunity to turn back. He has energy about working with nature and this enthusiasm comes through.

Krishna Organic Food & Dairy, Jaipur

Dairy & Vegetable farmer

“When we were cultivating organically we were delivering milk, fruits & vegetables and getting paid for it – it simply did not merit all the exertion, time and cash we put into it. At that point the veg tagged along and we snatched the plausibility of developing however much as could be expected.”