How much are you familiar with organic food?

We performed a tiny study to determine how much organic food individuals really understand. Here are the top findings-

84.3% of individuals knew about organic, while 9.8% believed any new food was organic. The remainder were split between uncertainty and lack of organic knowledge.

GMOs in their food on understanding chemicals the main differentiator between organic and non-organic foods is the lack of chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, and GMOs. Only 19.6% of individuals knew about it, while 68.6% had read about it a little bit.

Fortunately, 90.2 % of participants are conscious of the hazardous impacts of chemically laced foods on our health by being conscious of the health hazard of consuming non-organic foods.

78.4 % of individuals say yes to thinking that organic is healthier and tastier, while 17.6 % of participants are uncertain.

Only 5.9% buy organic products on a regular basis, followed by 39.2% purchasing it monthly and 43.1% purchasing organic products weekly. The rest don’t purchase anything at all.

In constructing confidence in organic 47.1 %, individuals feel a science labeling of products will boost their confidence in organics, while 43.1 % think a public stamp of certainty will do the work.

A whopping 72.5% of participants get their organic goods from generic stores, while 9.8% do not know where to discover them. Only a meager 5.5% of individuals purchase internet organics.

43.1 % of individuals say that they will continue to buy organic even if the price increases, while 15.7 % say they will stop.

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