The brief response to the above issue is a large one, yes.

You’ve likely been hearing’ Go Organic ‘ slogans for a while now, and all of your Google studies and research have found that it’s really supremely healthy for you. But what about much more than just pesticide-free agriculture and non-GMO veggies if we told you to eat organic?

Organic farming may be the best way to combat, or perhaps even reverse, the adverse impacts of worldwide warming.

What information says The findings of excruciatingly exhaustive research conducted by the non-profit organization The Rodale Institute states that “we could sequester more than 100% of present annual CO2 emissions by switching to commonly accessible and cheap organic management methods, which we call’ regenerative organic farming.’ These practices operate to maximize carbon fixation while minimizing the loss of that once returned carbon to the soil, reversing the greenhouse effect. “Everything is not lost in easy terms, and we can still reverse the impacts of global warming.

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